Monday, May 9, 2011

This is why LARPers don't quote Vince Lombardi before dungeon crawls

There exists an uneasy truce between geek culture and jock culture. Although there is some crossover between the two (mostly due to the popularity of Halo among the latter), the groups segregate themselves in order to peacefully pursue their respective interests. Geeks stick to conventions, midnight releases, and forum boards while jocks stick to bleachers, daylight, and Bon Jovi concerts. It is an elegant form of d├ętente which is far preferable to the beatings and ridicule that most geeks endured throughout their time in high school.

With this in mind, unsurprisingly bad things tend to happen when someone attempts to claim membership in both cultures simultaneously. When geeks set foot into the Axe body spray-scented halls of the jockocracy, they are often mocked for their off-field habits or strange pre-game rituals (in fairness, rolling for initiative will never match the haka). In a similarly catastrophic vein, jocks who attempt to pass themselves off as geeks often force The New York Times to run embarrassingly pedantic corrections like this one...
In fairness, it appears that the fault for the mistake rests not on the sportswriter but rather on Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey who apparently doesn't know his Tolkien lore from his RBI average. Then again, the sportswriter did fail to mention that Orcist was also the sword used by Ecthelion to slay the Lord of the Balrogs during the siege of Gondolin some 5,000 years before the events of The Hobbit.... which is pretty sloppy journalism when you stop to think about it.