Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Firefly hip hop concept album? Sure, why not?

In space, no one can hear your 1200w sound system (source)

No matter what your opinion of Joss Whedon might be, one cannot deny the impact Firefly has had on science-fiction fans and geek culture in general. After the premature cancelation of the series and a grassroots campaign to revive it (which ultimately culminated in Serenity), Firefly proved that fans can have an impact on the decisions of production companies... provided they purchase enough DVDs to make their voices heard.

With such a hardscrabble past behind Firefly, it's little wonder that it would lead to a host of creative fan projects. Captain Mal cosplay crossplay and fanfic are expected, but a Firefly hip hop concept album by Adam WarRock... now that's something to take notice of!

I first heard Adam WarRock (the self-proclaimed foremost comic book rapper on the internet) through his contribution to Nerdcore Now Vol. 1., although he's been at the nerdcore/hip hop thing for awhile now. What makes his Firefly concept album (The Browncoats Mixtape) particularly impressive is that all of the beats and samples come from either Firefly episodes or clips from Serenity, so it will likely sound pleasingly familiar to fans of Captain Mal & Co. Also, it's 100% free on his website.

Although the nature of the album may alienate some fans, the novelty of an entire album of songs written about characters or events in the Firefly world should entice them to broaden their musical horizons slightly. Sure, The Browncoats Mixtape is a legit (and pretty good!) rap album, but it's also a legit (and pretty damn good!) Firefly rap album. Much like how Random's Black Materia album convinced many Final Fantasy fans to listen to hiphop for the first time with its songs about Cloud and Sephiroth, it's likely that Adam WarRock will be the first rap that most Firefly fans will actively seek out. In this sense, The Browncoats Mixtape is a great ambassador of nerdcore and hiphop in general since it's both good geeky music and good music in general.

So quit reading. download it and pretend that it's 2002 all over again!