Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's dangerous to go alone, take this... and this woman, to be your wife.

As the internet draws attention to the awesomeness of geek weddings, an increasing number of couples are finding it easy to skip the traditional wedding route for their special day.  Doing so not only avoids the financial sinkhole that is the wedding industry, but also creates a ceremony that is far more personal and - ultimately - meaningful.

Thanks to this countercultural movement, professional zombie engagement photos and geek-themed weddings are becoming the new chic (see you in hell, barn weddings!)

...which is why this Legend of Zelda inspired wedding band is only partially surprising.

This must of set the bride back a good many Gold Skulltula tokens...

I say "partially surprising" because the craftsmanship of the ring - which was designed by the bride, deviant artist ushiyasha herself - is absolutely stunning.  While my own wedding was a deeply personal and by no means traditional affair, the videogame touches were kept to a minimum.

...outside of the fact we both walked in to a processional from Final Fantasy VIII and I proudly wore Hylian Shield cufflinks, that is.

Still, I must admire those who commit to a full-on geek wedding theme. As any couple with a supportive family is apt to learn, no matter what choices you make for the wedding ceremony and reception, there's a good chance your family members may grumble along the way but on the actual day they'll fall in line with your idea and have a great time doing so.

The only question facing modern geek couples is whether they should go all out and have awesome wedding geeky enough to be spotted from the parking lot...

I wonder if that's the officiant's real beard... (source)

Or, to opt for a more classy affair with plenty of geek touches present if you know where to look for them:

The bridesmaids/groomsman's jewelry based on the pre-2011 console release cartridges is pretty sweet, incidentally, although, I feel sorry for whichever member of the bridal party wound up with The Adventure of Link set.