Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1:120 Scale Awesomeness Returns With Model of Bastok Markets

When its servers finally close down for good, Final Fantasy XI will be remembered for being one of the most detailed and lore-driven MMORPGs ever produced. Boasting storylines, settings, and characters that many films fail to equal, FFXI demanded a huge investment of time from its players but rewarded them with a unique and highly immersive gaming experience.

A year and some time ago, I happened across the incredibly impressive model work of a FFXI devotee who fell deeply into the rabbit hole of Vana'diel. This level of obsession is not unheard of among players who choose to immerse themselves in a given game, but this player- Warpy- was a different breed. Many obsessed players might lazily wish to wake up in a fictional gaming world, but Warpy decided it would just be easier to bring the game world into reality.

He accomplished this feat with a highly detailed 1:120 scale model of Southern San d'Oria's Victory Square and has done it again with a huge and detailed model of Bastok's Firewater Circle:

This new model should not come as a surprise since the artist announced in the description of his original video that he planned to do scale models for Bastok and Windurst (the other two starting cities in the game), yet I admit I was cynical about this ever happening. Sinking 80 days into a project can create a sort of dementedly euphoric optimism, and I figured he was riding the high of his earlier success. Apparently, I was wrong.

He was committed to making two more ridiculously detailed scale models and improving upon his original work. His model of Bastok Markets, for example, has working lights faithful to the brightness and positioning of the in-game lanterns which give this model a nifty "night mode"...

The first half of the video is devoted to the schematics and construction of the individual pieces, with a detailed flyover of the model beginning at the 4:42 mark which really highlights the amount of detail he put into the model (including the Puppetmaster NPC's automaton). No matter what you might think of this man's level of devotion to an aging MMO, you cannot take away the raw talent that he has demonstrated here.

Unless of course they were to mangle his hands with industrial machinery... which would be kinda mean and pretty illegal.