Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Your 3DS More Enjoyable With... Your Spouse?

When we are born, we all come into this world confused, naked, and covered in a panoply of bodily fluids not all of which are our own. Nintendo's 3DS entered the world in a similarly ignoble fashion last year enduring low consumer interest, a lack of launch titles, and an unprecedented price drop. Nintendo weathered all of these hardships and now a year after its launch, the 3DS is being hailed as the fastest selling game platform in Japan.

I happened across a 3DS as a Christmas present, and liked it just fine, but soon found myself facing an obstacle common to most all suburbanites that prohibited my full enjoyment of the handheld: isolation. With much of the fun content on the 3DS relying on trading Miis with other 3DS owners via StreetPass, this isolation was quite a problem. That is, until I realized my wife already had a 3DS of her own...

A 3DS... and a bitchin' Bowser hat!

In fairness, she had her 3DS long before I did- and long before Nintendo's price drop- so I don't know why I failed to factor her into my StreePassing calculations. While I might not have a mighty stable of diverse Miis to impress... well... myself with, I do have one Mii that I've tagged over 50 times and as it turns out, Nintendo likes to reward that kind of behavior.

The adorable hats that you might see some Miis wear are earned by playing a retro, single-player RPG title Find Mii that comes preloaded on your 3DS. Every person you StreetPass will send a Mii over to fight for you as a level 1 character, and if you encounter them enough times they will begin to level up. The surprise utility of a spouse armed with a 3DS dawned on my wife and I simultaneously as we quickly watched our Find Mii avatars attain the Herculean max level of 7.

Now when I wake in the morning, I fire up my 3DS as my life-sustaining coffee brews and watch in admiration as my beautiful wife saunters past my paltry stable of other StreetPass Miis (mostly from GameStop demo systems) to become a walking incarnation of Death, destroyer of 32-bit worlds. Short of scheduled date nights and playing through Skyward Sword together, the literal strengthening of our bonds as made apparent by Find Mii might be the best thing to happen to our relationship.

Score one for handheld gaming!