Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Which Final Fantasy Is Right For You? FF XIII Edition!

The Final Fantasy series retrospective continues today, this time with the polarizing 2010 release of Final Fantasy XIII

With the most futuristic setting (and graphics) of the series to date, this game is easily the most divisive title released by Square Enix. Regardless of what many detractors might say, it's an enormously popular game and every bit a Final Fantasy title.

Never played a Final Fantasy title and are wondering if this is the right introduction to the series for you? Read on below, then check out tomorrow's look at Final Fantasy XIV.

(Warning: Many a spoiler follows below!)

The Basic Plot: There are fal'Cie who create l’Cie. l’Cie do the bidding of the fal’Cie but don’t understand it. Predictably, this bidding isn’t good for the planet’s longevity.

The More Elaborate Plot: The supernatural, soulless beings (fal’Cie) can brand humans with their power, turning them into l’Cie (adventurers, for all intents and purposes). Each l’Cie has a focus (purpose). If they fail to fulfill the focus, they turn into horrible monsters (Cie'th). If they succeed, they turn into crystal instead. Amidst these two great prospects, your party is turned into l’Cie and learns that the focus of all focuses involves destroying the last major settle of humans in an attempt to throw open the gate of the gods (see also: FFXI) to recall said creator God to Earth so the machines can ask it why they don’t have souls.

What The Game Was Supposed To Look Like / What It Really Looked Liked:

You’re A Hero Because: You have a bitchin’ tattoo and are a free thinker who isn’t trapped by the chains of the establishment. Kind of reminds of college, really.

The Villain Is A Dick Because: He (it?) hatched a plan to send a huge wave of souls into the afterlife in order to bring God- whom they consider their Maker- back to earth. Regardless of the fact that God stopped this from happening 500 years earlier, the villain decided that he wasn’t really THAT serious about stopping it, so he’s trying the exact same thing again.

You Need To Stop Him/Her, Or Else:
The Gate of the Gods is blown open wide, the floating city of humans is obliterated, and all life (save the fal’Cie) on the planet as you know it ceases to exist.

Notable Additions To The Franchise: Paradigm Shifts, Unflinching linearity, and Mashashi Hamauzu and his magical piano

Best Version Available: PS3 or Xbox 360. Both are functionally the same

This Game Is Perfect For: People who like watching beautiful movies and occasionally pressing buttons.