Monday, April 23, 2012

Burn Your Fat With Me helps you lose weight, see panties

One of the greatest blessings of the modern age is the number of innovative approaches that are geared towards making physical fitness fun. Smartphones and social networking have turned working out into a game, but it's still not a game familiar to many otaku.

Thankfully, the creative freaks at Creative Freaks are looking to change this oversight with their latest app that marries the best parts of a dating sim with the best parts of a fitness game. Enter: Burn Your Fat With Me.

She wants you to strip down, lie on your back... and do some sit-ups.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Burn Your Fat With Me has the player assume the role of an unremarkable and out of shape high school student who winds up in the same class as his childhood friend Mayu Uehara. Mayu strikes up some pleasantries with your character before she comments on how much he's put on since they last saw each other. Rather than crying and waddling his portly ass home to cry and eat some more, your character is cajoled into doing sit-ups with Mayu.

Once Mayu changes into her gym clothes, she holds your character's feet down and encourages him to feel the burn with fully-voiced prompts and reassuring facial expressions. At this point, you- as a player- are to rest the phone on your legs and do some crunches. The game will then measure how many times you bring your upper body forward and keep track of your progress.

Yet sit-ups alone do not a fitness routine make, and the developers are already planning additional modules with two other dating prospects. Yuki, the star of the track team, lends her haughty charms to the upcoming running/jogging portion of the game while the vapid Marika, a member of the school's gymnastics club, will encourage fitness through as-yet unannounced activities. Perhaps anime yoga for otaku?

The game's three alluring ladies: Mayu Uehara, Yuki Hashio, and Marika Kugawa
They all want less of you to love.

In addition to fitness and a trim midsection, Burn Your Fat With Me offers hidden fully-voiced scenes which are unlocked by sticking to a daily training routine. As you do more sit-ups and laps, the girls begin to find you more attractive and the bond between them and your character grows into something more than friendship. Being half dating sim, this sort of thing is mandatory, as are other risqué motivators like obligatory upskirt shots (NSFW-ish)

Burn Your Fat With Me is only available in Japan at the moment, but the developer's website shows that an English version of the app is scheduled for release soon. Said website also boasts some of the best Engrish I've read in awhile, so it's well worth the read- if only for the in-game character bios.