Thursday, April 19, 2012

A love story to restore your faith in humanity...

...and erode your faith in journalistic fact checking.

The music of the Final Fantasy series holds a special place in the hearts of most geeks which is why the Distant Worlds concert series has continued to fill an increasing number of high-profile venues. For the past five years, the beautiful orchestral arrangements of Distant Worlds have set the bar for what future video game concerts, and geeky wedding proposals, should aspire to.

Don't ask. She's already married.

At the March 31st Distant Worlds concert in Toronto, a long-time fan of the franchise decided to surprise his girlfriend with a wedding proposal. Proposals at Distant Worlds concerts are hardly a new thing, but the video of the proposal (captured by a discrete fan in the audience) is enough to set anyone's heart aflutter. He chose Aerith's Theme as the piece to follow the proposal, and after listening to it- it's easy to see hear why.

The only sad note to come from The Daily Tribune's coverage of the story (the Kotaku version from two weeks ago is better) is the journalist's complete lack of familiarity with the Final Fantasy franchise. After reading the first paragraph, it's pretty clear that the writer has no idea what Final Fantasy actually is... although I suppose one could argue that FFIV, VII and VIII has elements of space fantasy in them:

"Seth Hay has been playing the space fantasy video game Final Fantasy since he was 7 years old. Along with his brothers and cousins, he grew up playing the real time game series and listening to its music. "

Still, as someone who chose Eyes on Me as his wedding processional I can't bring myself to be anything but entranced with this story. Just listening to the audience makes me wish I could propose all over again!

...although, probably not in front of 3,000 people. That could get real awkward, real fast.