Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apple and Microsoft get the manga treatment

In terms of characters, few writers could ask for better protagonists than Apple and Microsoft. At times friends, often rivals, their checkered relationship over the past thirty years is the rich sort of backstory one would expect from the most profound of British televised dramas.

But have you ever wondered what Apple and Microsoft would look like as anime characters? If so, you're in luck!

Is it me, or does it look Microsoft look like he has some seriously jacked shoulders under that coat?

The above image hit the Japanese twitterverse over the weekend and became immensely popular shortly thereafter. Drawn by doujin artist Kuro Takatsuki, this picture acts as a hypothetical framework for what a buddy comedy starring Apple and Microsoft would look like on the pages of a manga.

Tech companies have been personified as anime characters before, mind you, but there's something compelling in the Takatsuki's design of the two characters that skips over the predictably hokey Perfect Strangers relationship that has come to define the Apple and Microsoft's relationship as of late and makes them look similar to one another, yet profoundly different. In short, it makes them look interesting.

Here are translations of the notes that Takatsuki wrote next to each character:
(thanks to Rocket24news for the translation!)

Apple:“Difficult to tell his age by his looks”
“High aesthetic values and a strong sense of pride”
“Has a lot of influence in the graphic design industry”
“Kind to newcomers but hates having to give detailed explanations”
“Thinks out of the box”
“Usually drinks a lot of coffee so prefers decaf”

“Friendly and has a wide variety of interests”
“Has more friends than he can count”
“While he’ll help you out with whatever you need, get on his bad side once and the friendship may be difficult to reboot.”
“Likes dolphins”
“Loves Starbucks drip coffee (dark roast)”

I never would have thought that Microsoft likes dolphins, but it makes some sense given his rational fear all things penguin...