Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knights of Badassdom has a great trailer, still no release date

Last summer, I began to get excited over the incredibly geeky news buzzing around Knights of Badassdom- and with good reason. It's a movie with a huge and talented cast that takes place in a medieval fantasy (LARP) world and actually looks funny.

In short, it's pretty much everything Your Highness should have been...

So Tyrion Lannister, Jason Stackhouse, and Abed walk into the woods...

...but unfortunately, it's still lacking a solid release date and "Spring 2012" is damn near over. The movie's Facebook page is curiously silent about this point and other details, as is its main webpage- so it's up your friend here at Kawaiian Punch to fill you in on what the movie's about!

Start by taking the actor who plays the cool dwarf from Game of Thrones (Peter Dinklage), add True Blood's Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), mix liberally with Firefly's River Tam (geek goddess Summer Glau), add a dash of Deadwood's Dan Dority (W. Earl Brown), and finally, finish with Abed from Community (Danny Pudi). Also, they're all LARPers who accidentally summon a real demon - a succubus, no less! - and have to put things right before they all die in a horribly icky fashion.

Still not convinced this is the movie for you? Check on the trailer below:

Peter Dinklage is reason enough to see this movie, but the production values and humor look equally compelling. If they had found a way to work Ken Jeong into this, it would pretty much be a lock for best picture of the year.

...assuming that it gets released in 2012, that is.