Friday, May 18, 2012

The newest Vocaloid Mayu is here to break hearts, chop off heads

If you've always liked Hatsune Miku but wished that she was a bit more of a mentally unstable, axe-wielding goth lolita than you're in luck! Mayu is the very Vocaloid you've been waiting for!

I wasn't kidding about that axe-wielding thing...

Earlier this month Exit Tunes announced that Mayu would be their new Vocaloid character (Vocaloid3, technically) at the all-caps EXIT TUNES ACADEMY event. Although she's not quite ready for production yet, Exit Tunes is confident that Mayu will find a strong fanbase thanks to her design and rich voicebank.

In terms of her appearance, Mayu is a unapologetically GothLoli from the black corset-y dress to the plushy rabbit sidekick. As far as fetishwear for a Vocaloid is concerned, Mayu's style is actually quite understated... although that vinyl record headpiece is a bit much.

Exit Tunes has admitted that Mayu's appearance and personality are based on the yandere anime character stereotype (think Belarus from Hetalia) which means that in addition to looking a bit like a destructive mental case, she'll actually be a destructive, obsessive, and deranged mental case.

While this may turn off a few fans, there's something to be said for a girl who wears all of her crazy out in the open!

Mayu's vocals are a bit deeper than Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin but more youthful sounding than Megurine Luka. The end result is a richer voice that sounds appropriately breathy at points:

Given her appearance, I was expecting something more shrill and grating but I like where Exit Tunes is going with her voice.

...I just wish they chose a character design that would be less likely to have me stopped by airport security next time I decide to leave the country.