Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Overcoming the issue of height in cosplay

*2/08/013 Edit: Some enterprising cosplayers have found their way around the issue of height limitations either by simply not caring (which is awesome!)  and rocking the hell out of the cosplay anyway, or by taking somewhat more dramatic measures to better portray their character.  In either case, these people are both my heroes for having the confidence that I never will!

As a freakishly tall individual who enjoys the occasional cosplay, I have become hyperaware of the fact that certain body types limit the cosplay choices that one can convincingly execute. Many cosplayers disagree here, but when you're close to 7 feet than 6 it becomes difficult to think about pulling off a convincing Tarutaru cosplay.

Still, this limitation does not stop game designers from creating villains who are taller than a modest suburban house and heroes who can't quite reach the top shelf. What's a cosplayer to do when they want to cosplay as a towering villain or cute and compact hero like Shantotto?

To answer this question, we must turn to our children...

I would love to have a drink with the parents of these two children

Originally hailing from Final Fantasy XI, Shantotto is a member of the diminutive Tarutaru race. Outside of her famous laugh, acute megalomania, and penchant for speaking in rhyming couplets, Shantotto's most defining characteristic is her tiny stature which barely comes above the knee of an average human.

A cosplay like Shantotto's is equally ideal and adorable for children, and presents a bit less creepily than the equally awesome Tonberry baby creeper cosplay. While full-grown adults can pull off a Shantotto cosplay (quite well, in fact!), this is a cosplay that can really be owned by toddlers, tykes, and perhaps Tyrions.