Thursday, June 21, 2012

The geek guide to beachwear and beach accessories

Summer is officially here, loyal readers! As our bodies gradually adjust to the heat, our frail, human minds can't help but wander to the beach.

At least mine can't, but that's likely because of the 100°F temperatures today (37°C, for you European readers!) with a humidity percentage higher than the progress on my current Kid Icarus: Uprising save file.

In light of this sweltering heat, I've compiled a list of the most head-turning geek beachwear and beach accessories to help you look cool - and stay cool! - as you soak up the sun this summer. Similar to The Indiana Jones Father's Day Gift Guide, most of these items are handmade (and come from Etsy) but others come from more traditional online retailers.

Legend of Zelda Bikini Separates

Price: $13.00 (top), $35.00 (bottoms)
Whether you're a self-rescuing princess or more of a traditional damsel-in-distress type, this swimwear will definitely help you catch the eye of any hero of destiny that happens to pass by. Unfortunately, finding a complete Legend of Zelda bikini on Etsy is about as easy as finding all three pieces of the Triforce in the same dungeon... but with a little determination and guile you can find other tops to better match the assorted bottoms out there.

R2D2 Folding Beach Chair

Price: $39.99
After a long day of beach volleyball, swimming, and wake boarding, this will be the droid chair that you're looking for. Available at ThinkGeek, this nylon camp chair helps bring your love of Star Wars to the beach with you in a way that your Force FX lightsaber never could (let's face it, they're not that dramatic in daylight). The asking price is a bit steep, so you had better keep your eyes on this chair at all times lest the Jawas (drunk frat boys) abscond with it in their sandcrawler (Ford Mustang).

Navy Blue School Swimsuit

Price: $36.00
A fixture of high school animes, the humble be-skirted school swimsuit has an undeniable, modest charm about it. While less revealing than a Hatsune Miku bikini, it comes from the same place ( and lends the same amount of otaku cred to the wearer. If you're looking to make an understated statement at the beach, or catch the eye of the shy but cute manga-reading classmate, this is the swimsuit for you!

Doctor Who TARDIS Beach Towel

Price: $19.99
Even the busiest of Time Lords deserve a vacation every now and then, and when they take to the beach you had best believe that they're resting their time-traveling asses down on a TARDIS beach towel. At 5' in length, the TARDIS towel is long enough to recline on as you sketch memories of the day in your matching TARDIS journal. Truly, this is a refined towel for a refined geek.
Pikachu Sports Bra and Boy Short Set

Price: $27
Although not specifically advertised as a swimsuit or article of beachwear, I am hard-pressed to think of where else a lady geek might think to wear this eye-catching ensamble. Pair with a set of Pikachu Ears or a set of Pokéball Earrings and everyone at the beach will know you're a free-spirited wild pokégal that's worth catching.

That said, I really can't recommend wearing the shorts separate from the top. The pika-stripes on the butt could look rather... unflattering... without the proper context.
Upcycled Bakugan Anime Long Shorts

Price: $25
No list of beachwear would be complete without a suggestion or two for the guys. These board shorts are a great example of what you can do with an old anime wall scroll: run it through your sewing machine and wrap it around your waist to conceal nudity!

Sadly, these shorts no longer available but I'm sure the seller would not be opposed to creating another pair for an interested customer.