Monday, June 18, 2012

J-Horror, now available in toilet paper form

If you enjoy reading in the bathroom and scaring the shit out yourself, Koji Suzuki (the author of The Ring) has some good news for you: his latest novella The Drop will be translated into English, and it will be printed on three separate roles of toilet paper.

Behold the horror that is mixed media literature.

Sadly, nothing about the intro paragraph is a joke. Suzuki's latest horror novella is indeed called "The Drop" and it was recently printed exclusively on rolls of toilet paper in Japan.

Sales of The Drop were so good (300,000 volumes sold at $2.63/volume) that an English translation of the story is scheduled to hit print on June 21st. The asking price for all three volumes (rolls) is about $8.00, which - while a bargain for a quality horror story - is a bit of a steep asking price for a three-pack of toilet paper.

Fans of J-Horror won't necessarily need to turn to import sites like J-List in order to get their hands (and other body parts) on the English language edition The Drop, however. The manufacturer responsible for the three volume set, Hayashi Paper, has plans to export it beyond the borders of Japan.

Accordingly, the company delivered the toilet paper novella to Yukio Edano, Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, in the hopes that the unique literary endeavor would be seen as an ambassador product fit to be distributed across the world.

Assuming that The Drop makes its way to the west, you may want to buy two or three sets if you live with a significant other, spouse, or roommate. This isn't exactly the sort of book you can share once you're done with it...