Monday, June 11, 2012

Lego Inception looks trippy, adorable

The playful atmosphere of Lego video games is difficult to mistake. Combining slapstick silliness with a willingness to shatter the fourth wall for the sake of visual gag, the various Lego games share a unified feel no matter what movie the individual games are based upon.

Fan-made trailers and films that capture this unified feel are rare treasures and stand out from the host of stop-motion Lego videos currently on YouTube. Some of these stop-motion videos are damned funny in their own right, but they don't really jive with the humor seen in Lego Batman or Lego Indiana Jones.

That's why I was a bit wary when I came across a trailer for Lego Inception. After watching it parody the iconic Inception Trailer almost perfectly, I found that my wariness was misplaced. This trailer is so good it almost makes me wish Lego Inception was coming out in December instead of Lego Lord of the Rings.