Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Star Trek engagement ring will help you make it so

The internet was one of the absolute best things to happen to wedding culture. Once pictures of geek-themed weddings (and engagement photos!) began popping up online, an increasing number geek couples began to realize that the traditional white dress, tuxedo, and church ceremony was just one of many ways for them to celebrate their unions.

For those geeks out there looking to begin the geek wedding process, a proper geek engagement should (ideally) come before the geek wedding, and what better way to show your commitment to your partner and the Temporal Prime Directive than with this custom Star Fleet Insignia engagement ring?

If you hand this to your prospective fiancé and say anything other than "Engage!", you have failed.

It's true that I have a bit of a thing for geeky engagement rings (be they triforces or bullwhips), but this one is as awesome as it is iconic. Crafted by Etsy seller Valerie of VaLa Jewellery, the custom Star Trek Engagement Ring is set with a white sapphire in a 14 karat gold setting, while the main body of the ring itself is sterling silver. For these reasons, the made-to-order ring will set you back a mere $500.00

Despite the ring's economical price, it has about 10,000 times the character of traditional princess cut solitaire diamond wedding rings and will certainly help the wearer stand out amongst a pack of other individuals currently in the ephemeral state of engagement.

Assuming, of course, that they're not wearing it at a Star Trek convention...