Friday, June 1, 2012

A Study in Vocaloid: 1925

Few vocaloid songs have the following, and controversy, that T-POCKET's 1925 have. Undeniably pop, and undeniably catchy, it is a great Hatsune Miku song that's difficult not to like.

Part of the reason for the song's popularity is the art noveau coverart (that has inspired some pretty awesome cosplay), showing a kneeling Miku in military fatigues. Most take this to mean that the song itself is about war, lost love, or even nationalism - thus attributing more of a story to 1925 than it really deserves. Some even go so far as to believe it's a love song between a plainclothes spy and an enemy soldier in Irish Civil War (which, incidentally, concluded in 1923)

So what's the song really about? Why not give the Megurine Luka version a listen first (the original Hatsune Miku version can be found here) before looking at the meaning:

It would be tempting to label 1925 as an anti-consumerist anthem (There's nothing you can't buy with money in this world/Or if I were to rephrase, in my own terms/"Everything is for sale, just put the price tag on."), but by most accounts the song is really an ode to self-love...

Oh such a pitiful motion,
Wearing out my tension
It works, it works, better than I thought.

Repetitive questions, but no one wants solutions.
I hate, I hate, I hate this restraint

I switch on to "Loneliness" and then begin to pray.
"Oh no, oh stop it please."
These uncontrollable dreams
It shows little by little, the raw truth is subtle
So sly, so sly, not pretty to the eye.
Now I can see the true sin, strip down to your bare skin
It reeks, it reeks, this shameless act

While no "official" translation has been accepted by teh internets as yet, several can be found (if you know where to look) and the original Japanese lyrics are readily available if you feel like trying your hand at *ahem* translation.