Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Legend of Zelda nursery makes me want to adopt 10,000 babies

Most children have no memories of their childhood nurseries, having outgrown them by the time that the begin to form actual memories.

For many, who grew up with walls bedecked by uninspired acrylic murals of Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse, this lack of recollection may be a blessing. But what of those parents who go the extra mile for their children and created a truly memorable nursery for them?

Cole Bradburn is one such parent, who brought the walls of his son's nursery to life with the gorgeous cel-shading artwork from two Legend of Zelda titles: The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks. Check out the shaky cam video tour below...

Bradburn began his project with the noblest of intentions: he wanted his child's room to inspire a sense of creativity, adventure, and a love of exploration. The Zelda games hold a fond place in Bradburn's heart (he also wrote a great post about what life lessons he learned from the Zelda games), so the decision to use Link and Zelda for his wall murals was an easy one.

The labour of love took him and his wife 150 hours spread across three months to complete, and he has fully prepared himself for the eventuality that his son may grow up to not like the Zelda games...

Like that will ever happen. What little boy *doesn't* like trains?

He readily admits that the room is for him as much as it is for his son, but concludes his post about the nursery a heartfelt message of optimism that will resonate with all the parents out there:

"I can’t wait to rock him to sleep, telling him stories of heroes and adventure while looking at these walls."

...which also explains why he didn't use any of the artwork from Skyward Sword.

Rocking your son to sleep while telling him about the time you threw your wii-mote across the goddamn room because of the fucking Thunder Dragon's boss rush challenge just so you could get the Hylian Shield would probably send the wrong message to an impressionable young mind.