Friday, June 29, 2012

This Medusa cosplay is worth getting turned to stone over

Despite some wrist-crampingly awkward play controls, Kid Icarus: Uprising is one amazingly fun game for the Nintendo 3DS. While the music, gameplay experience and visuals are all top notch, it's the game's characters - established by great voice acting and dialog - that really help it stand out.

Of course, the character design itself doesn't hurt matters any...

If my high school classic lit textbook had a cover like this, I would be a Greek scholar by now (source)

The above images are a shining example of everything that a cosplay should be: well-researched, well-executed, and head-turningly awesome. Both costumes are the work of's Yurai, but I'm most taken by her Medusa (which she is modeling). This outfit cost about $375.00 in materials and 200+ hours in labor, and delivers a perfect depiction of what the character's appearance should be straight down to snake hair, facial tattoo and, of course, the character-appropriate side boob.

For a game that's rated E 10+, Kid Icarus: Uprising manages to get a bit risqué with the character design at points. Medusa and Palutena (both above) toe the line of acceptability with their outfits, but the characters of Phosphora and Amazon Pandora are a little less subtle...

You can be sure that these will one day inspire head-turning cosplay of their own

For the most part, the game tries to soften the sexualization (and bare thighs...) of its characters with endearing vaudeville banter between the two main protagonists, Pit and Palutena, but when it comes to boss fights, it has no problems letting its ecchi flag fly.

Not that this is a bad thing, by any means. If the racy character design continues to generate amazing and gorgeous cosplay like Yurai's, I think the world will be a better place for all of the hot pants and spanx that
Kid Icarus managed to sneak past the ratings board.