Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turn your smartphone into an anime train car with the Mi Train

Rising fuel costs and continued economic woes are poised to put the kibosh on yet another summer travel season, yet for those of us with active imaginations (and smartphones) a fake vacation is only an anime-themed iPhone accessory away...
Enter, the Mi Train - the perfect smartphone case for those looking to travel on a budget. Little more than a plastic smartphone case with an exposed screen, the Mi Train turns a standard phone into a window to another world. Download a slideshow app for your device of choice, and the Mi Train will end an air of authenticity to your vacation pictures as they scroll past the proper, moe anime girl sitting by the window.

Without pictures actively scrolling past, the Mi Train looks a bit boxy and will probably attract more pity than interest as it sits forlorn and lifeless on your desktop...

...but once pictures begin scrolling past, you would be hard pressed not to smile at the gimmicky cuteness of the case. I particularly admire the manufacturer's commitment to design aesthetic for making the back of the Mi Train look like the outside of an actual train.

Unfortunately, because of its stinking cuteness the Mi Train (~$24.00) is sold out at the moment, but those eager for a budget fake vacation should keep their eyes peeled and bank accounts ready for the eventual restocking.