Thursday, July 19, 2012

Final Fantasy VI, the anime?

One of the most glaring omissions from the history of the Final Fantasy franchise is the lack of a commercially successful anime.

Squaresoft dipped its toe in the pool of animes inspired by Final Fantasy games in the past (Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals and Final Fantasy: Unlimited) but never fully committed to either project and they were both readily forgotten by all but the most devoted of fans.

This has lead many Final Fantasy aficionados to wonder what would happen if Square Enix released an anime based on a beloved game from its past. Specifically, Final Fantasy VI...

The above still came from a mysterious video that popped up four someodd years ago from a dedicated fan over on NicoNico douga. It's part of a larger spoof of the Full Metal Alchemist anime intro and replaces the characters from FMA with those from FFVI* and offers a tantalizing glimpse of what a Final Fantasy VI anime might look like.

Unlike the upcoming Legend of Zelda Anime series, there's next to zero chance of this project ever happening since the video was fan-made and Square Enix seems to have no desire to move into the realm of animes.

Still, the sheer size of the cast, world, and storyline of Final Fantasy VI would make for one undeniably impressive anime. Not convinced? Watch the less Full Metal Alchemist-y version of the opening and see for yourself:

If only, random FFVI/FMA obsessed fan who created this video and uploaded it to the internet four years ago before vanishing from my life. If only...

*= Fittingly, the manga of Full Metal Alchemist was published by Square Enix although they had no hand in the production of the anime.