Monday, July 30, 2012

The gamer girl wedding cake topper is progressive and awesome

With the fall wedding season fast upon us, engaged geeks across the world are on the lookout for accouterments and accessories to add a bit of geek flair to their most special of days.

Many will consider using video game music as their processional songs, or bend their search engines to look for geeky cufflinks, wedding bands, and wedding cakes... but what about the wedding cake toppers?

Scoring a victory for gamer girls everywhere, Etsy seller Awesome Toppers created this amazing cake topper for a more modern gaming audience. The inversion of expected gender roles - with the wife being dragged away from her Xbox by the groom - is as delightful as it is progressive.

Nothing is more awkward than the joking manner in which the 'reluctant groom' style of cake toppers attack the issue of marriage ("Oh, tee hee! He wants to go around and sleep with other women but he can't because now his wife won't let him! How droll!"). While most of Awesome Topper's creations reinforce these more typical gender roles with the male being reluctantly dragged away from his hobby of choice (games, nascar, etc.), the "game junkie bride" is a shining example of how a little creativity invested in the planning of a wedding ceremony can help portray the couple in a light that shows them accurately for who they truly are - and not who the wedding industry expects them to be.

Some of the more fervent fanboys and fangirls will go "full geek" with their wedding ceremonies this fall, but that angle is not for everyone (guests and officiants can get a bit prickly when you tell them that they have to dress up like Katamari). For those wishing to add a bit of subtle geek chic to their wedding cakes, it's nice to know that Awesome Toppers has you covered.

Now, if only they did same sex geek cake toppers...