Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have you ever wanted to know what Mega Man smells like?

If the scientists behind Epic-Scents are to be believed, a car's air freshener. Perhaps an explanation is in odor order...

The above is an upcoming creation of Epic-Scents, a newly formed company that just announced a deal with Capcom to roll out two new fragrances: one based on Mega Man and one based on Proto Man.

Teams of scent chemists were put to work on these scents which aim not to smell "like Mega Man" but rather seek to capture the nostalgia of what it was like to play the games that these two iconic robots appeared in.

Mega Man's scent is named "Cool Rush" and attempts to capture the essence of a boy forced into a man's role by featuring notes of purity, bravery and masculinity. For bravery, the chemists chose a citrus scent assumedly because there is nothing on this earth more courageous than an orange.

Proto Man's scent is "Apple Cinnamon", and was so chosen because the scent chemists identified it as smelling "kind of like a rebel" due to its spiciness. Also, the fact that an apple and Proto Man are both red probably didn't hurt their decision any.

It's hard to say what the fan reaction to these two scents will be. Fragrances made to appeal to gamers are by no means new, and the tie-in between memory and scent is well established (who doesn't remember what their favorite childhood meal or first love smelled like?)... but trying to create a scent that will remind gamers of the time spent playing a given game is a bit ambitious.

Then again, Epic-Scents plans to sell these for $3.00 a piece at New York Comic-Con so it's safe to say that they will be flying out of their booth and onto the rearview mirrors of just about every con-goer over the age of 25 in attendance.