Friday, July 13, 2012

High fashion goes low res in Tokyo

With every passing day, technology continues to improve and push the limits of what can be rendered in crystal-clear high definition. As this relentless drive toward digital perfection marches on, many have embraced an ironic counter-aesthetic that recalls and glorifies the low resolution days of 8-bit gaming.

The rising popularity of chiptune music is one example of this reactionary countermovement, and the trend toward pixelated games on Retina Display-capable smartphones is another. Last season's offering from Tokyo fashion house Anrealage is perhaps the most expensive and highest profile.

This looks amusingly similar to some of the best ironic FFVII cosplay that I've ever seen

With an emphasis on low resolution images (the fashion line is called "low"), Anrealage pushes the limits of high fashion in the most geeky way possible. While most of the stuff would look horribly out of place anywhere other than on a runway - or perhaps at a convention - it's not as weird as some fashion collections out there and could actually work quite well for a party or charity art function.

A full and truly excellent account of their runway show can be found elsewhere online, but for those who still need convincing to shell out $500+ for a piece of this collection, I present the most awesome of high heels ever conceived by a mortal mind:

I would almost consider having gender reassignment surgery and getting married again, just so I could have a chance to wear these.