Friday, July 20, 2012

Hoist a stein Final Fantasy style with Beer SQ!

Square Enix Music has been up to all sorts of fun projects this summer. As most eyes were on the Final Fantasy XI Chiptune album released earlier this month, it was difficult to predict what their next project would be. Final Fantasy VII dupstep remixes? A Hatsune Miku cover album of FFXII's Kiss Me Goodbye?

Both of the predictions - while awesome in their own right - fall far short of reality. While fans were waiting on the FFXI Chiptune album, Square Enix quietly slid another project out the door... Beer SQ.

Beer SQ is a collection of classic Square Enix themes remixed in the style of old timey drinking songs that your grandfather would rock out to. Featuring mostly Final Fantasy themes with a bit of SaGa Frontier 2 and Chrono Trigger tossed in for good measure, Beer SQ is the perfect video game album to hoist a pint (or three) to.

As for the tracks on the album, they include a 1930's big band style remix of Final Fantasy VI's Spinach Rag (the Opera House lobby music) and other main themes, an Irish pub violin cover of Final Fantasy VII's Golden Saucer Theme, and an awesome beer hall polka version of the iconic Final Fantasy Main Theme.

Beer SQ is being sold for
¥1,890 ($24.00) at the Square Enix webstore, but for ¥2,100 ($27.00) you can pick up a limited edition copy with a bonus disc of some truly excellent chiptunes... assuming you can conduct e-commerce in Japan. If you cannot, it's off to CDJapan which will add ~$10.00 in shipping to the SE prices.