Friday, July 6, 2012

It's time to give buns some love, too

After yesterday's post about misbehaving mammaries, I decided to focus on the other half of the T&A equation today. Namely, buns.

These hot little buns are actually as sweet as they are cute. Newly available at Tokyo Disney and patterned off of the aliens from Pixar's Toy Story, these green-colored sweet buns are filled with a delicious mixture of custard, strawberry, and chocolate cream. The little green manju were rolled out at the Tokyo Disney Sea to celebrate the launch of a new Toy Story Mania! ride and could well be the best (or at least the most edible...) thing to come out of the Toy Story Franchise. (source)

Next up are a set of Hatsune Miku's hot, savory buns. Or rather: a set of hot, savory Hatsune Miku buns. The steamed 'Mikuman' buns are being rolled out at the Japanese convenience store FamilyMart as part of no specific marketing tie-in and are filled with tasty pork and other traditional bun-ly goodness. Added bonus: they will add +15 points to your kawaii factor for 90 minutes after they are eaten. (source)

FamilyMart is the same convenience store responsible for the Dragon Quest-themed slime buns that rolled out earlier this year.

Finally, a set of cute little buns that you'd don't have to travel to Japan for!* These traditional Chinese pau were created by The HomeMaker who was also kind enough to provide a recipe along with the adorable pictures. If you're feeling adventurous - and have access to a rice steamer - put your imagination to work and play with some buns of your own this weekend!

*- fun fact: that was my former profile headline