Thursday, July 26, 2012

Japanese commercials for fried chicken are intense

When it comes to fried chicken (specifically karaage), the Japanese do not mess around. The LAWSON convenience store chain proved this point recently when they began streaming the most surreal, kawaii, and quintessentially Japanese commercial for their Kara-age-kun Ondo 2012 line of fried chicken nuggets.

While I don't profess to understand a fraction of what is going on in the video below, I do profess to know that it's awesome because it features Hyadain capering around fields of 8-bit chickens ...presumably, waiting to be fried and eaten.

Some of the more astute readers of this site may remember Hyadain as the man responsible for some of the most amazingly hilarious video game parody videos of all time (this alone should win him a grammy) so his presence in orgy of seizure-inducing Japanese iconography should not be all that surprising.

Move over slightly racist KFC commercial that syncs up perfectly with the Guile Theme, I have a new favorite fried chicken commercial!

Hyadain and the obligatory "wtf?" response aside, I'm really not sure what to make of the fried chicken nuggets themselves. Fried chicken is an artform of simplistic comfort food expressionism, and does not need topping sauces like cheese, red hot, pizza, and garlic pepper to accompany it on its way to your stomach. Also, it should probably never be served on a stick (unless you're at a renaissance festival).

Sadly, much like takoyaki, proper karaage is difficult to find outside of Japan. So if you want to capture the LAWSON fried chicken experience, your best bet is to grab a bucket of KFC, full-screen the video, and let your eyes glaze over as your arteries harden.