Wednesday, July 25, 2012

JK Rowling plans pair of 40' tree houses for her kids

JK Rowling has decided to follow the lead of countless other parents across the suburban world and build her children a treehouse in the backyard.

...and like those countless other parents, the treehouse she has planned will cost £150,000 (~$232,000) and require building permits from the Edinburgh City Council because of the sheer size of the structure. Once again, I find myself completely jealous of pre-teens.

Forget the kids, I would happily live here as an adult! (source)

The two 'Hogwarts-style' treehouse towers are being built for her youngest children David (9) and Mackenzie (7). Each child will have their own tower - although they are joined by a rope suspension bridge.

Each of the two towers will have a few special features to distinguish it from the other. David's, for example, has a secret tunnel entrance and a trap door that leads to a fireman's pole. Mackenzie's features a spiral staircase and a stainless steel playground slide which leads to a double swingset.

By all accounts, JK Rowling is a tremendously nice - and tremendously wealthy - person. She donated so much to charity last year that it cost her a spot on the Forbes' list of billionaires which automatically removes her from scrutiny over purchases such as this. Or, at least, it would if these treehouses weren't so damn cool...

Suddenly, the barrel-train playset my grandfather built for me in my toddler days seems tawdry by comparison.