Monday, July 9, 2012

Lightsabers make Game of Thrones (and everything else) better

Star Wars fans have long known that adding lightsabers to just about anything will make it more awesome by association. The iconic glow and hum of a lightsaber can easily be added to a video using simple After Effects available in various editing programs, thus adding an instant amount of geek gravitas to anything from wedding dances to mundane office disputes.

YouTuber Joel935M knows this technique quite well, and used it to apply some rudimentary rotoscoping to the best (and only...) sword fight from the first season of HBO's
Game of Thrones. As Jamie Lannister confronts Eddard Stark on the streets of King's Landing, shit gets even more epic.

Of course, Jamie Lannister should realize that a lightsaber is an exceptionally poor (if fitting) choice of weapon given what happens at the hands of the Bloody Mummers later on... but hey - lightsabers!

Now if only someone could use After Effects to add in the missing battle scenes that should have been in the first season...