Monday, July 2, 2012

Old school Nintendo characters take on the world of traditional Japanese art

Many westerners would consider ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) to be the most traditional form of Japanese art. Famous historical examples of these woodblock prints are legion, but the 400-year-old style has fallen a bit out of favor with modern artists in the land of Square Enixia.

At least, it was falling out of style until a group of young artists - the Ukiyo-e Heroes - decided to revitalize the medium with depictions of classic video game characters. The end result is a project that is so overwhelmingly geeky, awe-inspiring, and artistically powerful that it could only have come from Japan

This print needs to adorn the fence around my non-existant zen rock garden

Luckily for those of us looking to own a piece of the glory, the Ukiyo-e Heroes are turning to Kickstarter on August 1st to launch their first round of prints. Assuming that they're met with enough fan support (and funding...), these just might make their way across the Pacific.

At current, there are 10 prints available on their Facebook page that include a Pokemon fight, a heroic Mega Man pose, the quintessence of Castlevania, and a rather impressive looking Samus Aran...

...I might just have to brush up on my Japanese so I can donate to this.