Monday, July 23, 2012

Smell like a book with Paper Passion

Despite evidence to the contrary, I don't really care all that much for perfume (even if it has Mega Man on the bottle). This trend may soon change, thanks to a Paper Passion - a new scent by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl that will apparently make you smell like a book.

Be a real page-turner on your next date! He won't be able to keep his nose out of you!
Wait a second....

While this may seem like an odd angle for a luxury perfume to take, there are few scents in the world that smell better than a good, old book. Even pure pop pablum like The DaVinci Code would smell entrancing after a few years on a dry shelf somewhere, and science has all but proven that there is nothing that can match the sweet smell of a 1970s paperback copy of Fellowship of the Ring.

Paper Passion is an interesting idea for a scent, but the major problem it faces is that - with few exceptions that are becoming fewer given the ubiquity of eReaders - the number of people who appreciate and obsess over the smell of books is dwindling with each passing year.
Additionally, the bibliophiles that remain steadfast Luddites in this rapidly digitizing world may balk at Paper Passion's $98.00/bottle price tag.

You can buy a lot of bargain books for that amount of money, after all, but $98.00 is a small price to pay in order to capture the "gloriosensuality" of books with Paper Passion.

It will make you smell hoary in all the right ways.