Friday, August 17, 2012

A Study in Vocaloid: Eh? Ah Sou

There are very few songs that capture the energy and frenetic pace of a Friday afternoon in summer quite like
Eh? Ah Sou does. From its driving piano theme to its reliance on off-beat phrases, it's a song that sounds equally good on a pair of headphones as it does blasting from your car's sound system.

Released in 2010 by Vocaloid producer Chouchou-P/papiyon, the song quickly became a staple of Miku's concerts and was performed in Tokyo, Sapporo, and Singapore. When the Live Party theatre concert experience rolled out across the world last year, Eh? Ah Sou made the setlist there as well and introduced a good number of Vocaloid fans to Chouchou-P.

The song itself is pure pop bliss, and can be heard and watched (live) below. If you've never heard the song, or seen Miku perform on stage, give the following video a quick look:

Fittingly, Eh? Ah Sou ("Huh, oh... that's right") embraces its pop-titude from the outset, and there are no surprisingly deep lyrics to be found. If you're curious about the chorus, it translates as follows:

Say, if you want to go at full throttle
Then make me more serious
I won't allow you to run away
Or is that all you have?

Luckily, as Eh? Ah Sou has become more popular in the west it has been picked up by Amazon and iTunes as part of the Glorious World album. If you're looking for an infectuously great bit of Vocaloid J-Pop to add to your summer playlist, $0.99 will grab you a tax-free copy of Eh? Ah Sou from the glorious world of