Friday, August 10, 2012

Ben Affleck probably isn't directing the Justice League movie

That sound you hear is millions of DC Comics fans breathing a collective sigh of relief. Despite rumored reports to the contrary, Ben Affleck's spokesteam is denying that he will direct the upcoming Justice League movie.

This news is certainly welcome for those who feared the latest attempt to bring the all-but-cursed Justice League movie to production. After the 2007 movie crashed and burned in the wilds of Australia, the project was put on indefinite hold... until Disney/Marvel proved that superhero movies can make more money than a Superbowl played entirely by half-naked supermodels.

From what (few) details have surfaced about Will Beal's Justice League screenplay, the movie - like so much DC Universe Online - will star Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman which is a setup that DC fans have been clamoring for since rumors of the project first surfaced. While it is unlikely that the Justice League movie will come close to approaching the near-mythic box office yield of The Avengers, the fact that Affleck will not be in the directors chair can only bode well for the project.

While Affleck has never touched a DC Comics property before, it's not like anyone is particularly eager to see him attached to a superhero movies after the debacle that was Daredevil...