Thursday, August 30, 2012

Break out your Air Tullys, a Nike designer takes on Game of Thrones

For better or worse, HBO's Game of Thrones has brought George R.R. Martin's sprawling fantasy epic to a wide audience of fans. Once the exclusive purview of tabletop gamers and renaissance festival regulars, the story-as-a-show is now enjoyed by geek and non-geek alike as an endless string of new fans follow the show after each passing season.

One such newcomer to the fandom is Nike designer Darrin Crescenzi, who recently took a break from designing the 2012 US Men's Basketball Olympic uniforms to become a diehard fan of the Song of Ice and Fire books. After watching the first season of Game of Thrones, Crescenzi picked up the first book, and then became a social recluse for half a year as he devoured the remaining four mammoth tomes of the series.

In this period of obsessive fandom, Crescenzi found himself drawn to George R.R. Martin's depiction of the different heraldries for the noble houses. Some, like the gold Lannister lion on crimson, were easy to visual, while others from the more obscure noble houses (House Hollard, represent!) were more difficult.

Crescenzi began taking careful notes on the various house heraldries as described by Martin and then set about drawing them in a unified, single-line style. The end result is a staggeringly handsome 18" x 24" poster featuring 42 heraldries (yes, forty two!) of the noble houses of Westeros that brings a touch of modern artistic flair to traditional medieval heraldic designs.

The poster was a bargain at $35.00, and since quickly sold out of its initial hand-numbered run of 250 pieces. It's not known whether Crescenzi will release another, less exclusive edition of the poster, but if he does it's safe to assume that fans will snatch it up faster than news of another Sean Bean lightsaber fight.