Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bring your cosplay to the next level with... The Superhero Diet?

Great cosplay is a thing of beauty. When a fan combines their love of the source material with hours (or days) of crafting, sewing, and painting, the end result is often nothing short of impressive.

But when a fan chooses to Cosplay as ambitious character that is muscled to near-inhuman proportions, they face something of a problem. They can either buy a foam muscle suit, go as they are and hope people forgive the dissonance, or they can hit the gym for a few weeks to tone up what they've got.

Of course, they can also eat 6,000 calories a day and follow a personal trainer's Superhero Training Regimen...

To pull off his Wolverine, Hugh Jackman ate 24 chicken breasts a day.

Chicago's offbeat newspaper, RedEye, brought together some of the most high-profile personal trainers to compile tips and strategies for how anyone can "get into superhero shape". Covering superhero builds from Wolverine to Wonder Woman (with some Spider-Man thrown in for the wiry among us), the column actually presents some great fitness advice that most anyone can benefit from.

Confusingly, RedEye's fitness gurus also add "The Ghostbuster" to their list of superhero builds to strive for which confused me into thinking I was reading from the kids section of a local diner menu.

While Ghostbusters are not technically superheros, it's nice to see attention paid to those looking for a simple "above average build", although I'm not really sure that anyone from the original Ghostbusters cast would qualify for that particular distinction.

Bill Murray: Comedic genius, body building neophyte.

Ultimately, RedEye's advice is something serious cosplayers should consider reading - if not strictly following - as there are some great guidelines for nutrition thrown in there. While I have no desire to ever look as ripped a Wolverine (which involves 4-5 days a week dedicated to heavy lifting), I do subscribe to the following advice about what sorts of food I eat:

“The main thing will be to eat a balanced, clean diet of good protein, carbs, vegetables and healthy fat. If it comes pre-packaged try to stay away from it.”

Which has sadly meant that my strict Pocky-and-Jack-Daniels convention days diet has come to an end.