Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cosplay spotlight: GLaDOS (I think...)

When it comes to ambitious cosplay, the subject matter is only half as challenging as the actual execution. This past Otakon, a talented cosplayer took a very creative (and very... latexy) approach on the most passive-aggressive antagonist from videogame history: Portal's GLaDOS.

Viewing the image above in all of its uncompressed glory shows the amazing detail that this cosplayer put into her costume, although you can be forgiven for not identifying her as GLaDOS straightaway. In terms of strict accuracy, her GLaDOS falls a bit short of the mark, but it would be difficult to turn the actual character as it appears in the game into a convincing costume...

...so, a bit of embellishment (and apparently a corset) was required.

While it's by no means the most accurate cosplay out there, it's a good "inspired by" outfit all the same. This approach happens with varying degrees at conventions when people choose to cosplay as a large or object or character distinctly unsuited to the human form (Sexy TARDISes are almost passé at this point), with my favorite to date being the Sexy Ultros tutu.

Reaction to the GLaDOS cosplay above was predictably mixed, with comments about her skill balanced by her attention whore-dom for choosing to sex up a character who is in fairness based on a woman in a BDSM pose. Still, the cosplayer should at least get credit for avoiding the all-too-ubiquitous Thinkgeek.com Portal 2 costume.

Via: Reddit