Monday, August 13, 2012

Hatsune Miku and the nyan singularity, Part II

Last week's mind-melting bit of meme recursion involving Hatsune Miku and the all-too-familiar Nyan-cat song now has a video to accompany it.

Sega released a video montage of some twenty-five new songs featured in the upcoming PS Vita game, Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. The new trailer clocks in at close to nine minutes long and highlights some great non-Miku songs like Megarine Luka's Megane and Kagamine Len's Fire Flower which will be featured in the game.

But the real reason to watch the video is to hear Hatsune Miku sing Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya, a song that was originally recorded using her vocal samples in 2010 and skyrocketed to viral internet popularity a year later:

It's getting really hard to resist the urge to buy a PS Vita and wait for the localization of this game import Project Diva F from CDjapan.