Monday, August 27, 2012

Iron Sky delivers space-faring Nazis, disappointment in the box office

Earlier this summer, steampunks, World War II recreationists, and alterna-history buffs were all whipped up into a fervor over the release of Iron Sky.

Billed as a 'comic science fiction action film', the Finnish independent film set in the near future of 2018 focuses on a cabal of technologically advanced Nazis who fled Europe in 1945 to establish a colony on the far side of the moon. This Nazi space colony is accidentally discovered by Sarah Palin the unnamed President of the United States who stages a moon landing as a publicity stunt, and - after being exposed - decides to take over the earth for the F├╝hrer.

In other words, the plot of Iron Sky is more or less identical to Transformers III: Dark of the Moon, only - y'know - with less Megatron and more Nazi Moon Men.

Sadly, for all of its so-taboo-it's-almost-good appeal, Iron Sky is by all rights pretty disappointing and suffers from poor pacing and an overall lack of a consistent tone. You'd probably expect this from a movie with a tagline of "This summer, the battle for earth is gonna get Nazi", but given its trailer, you could also be forgiven for thinking the film might actually be good:

In the likely event that Iron Sky hasn't made it to your part of the world yet, and you would like to see it in theaters, there is an official request form on the movie's website that you can fill out to hopefully raise your local theater's interest in it.

If you'd rather not publicly show your support for a Nazi sci-fi comedy (good for you!), you can sit tight and wait for the international release of the DVD or Blu-Ray.

Heh. "Gonna get Nazi" I just got that!