Friday, August 24, 2012

Mega Ran provides a hip hop eulogy for Nintendo Power

After 24 years, Nintendo announced that the venerable gaming magazine Nintendo Power would cease publication in December. As this news rippled across the internet, it inspired its share of eulogies, valedictions, and memorials from gamers who are sad to lose yet another part of their childhood.

Nerdcore hip hop artist Random/Mega Ran felt the death of the moribund gaming magazine more acutely than most, and dedicated a new song to its memory. Unlike many other gamers currently waxing nostalgic over Nintendo's fading magazine, Random takes a refreshingly honest approach in his rap when he admits that he hasn't touched a Nintendo Power in years.

Still, the end of icon is never an easy blow to bear... so pour a bottle out a bottle of your favorite energy on the curb while you listen to the track below:

I'm not going to lie: I was completely agog that Nintendo Power was still in publication. Sometime around the early 1990s, the magazine devolved into a thinly-veiled outlet for Nintendo's marketing team to hype up new games and most of its original readers lost interest.

The fact that it still commanded nearly 500,000 subscribers in 2012 is extremely impressive... but apparently not impressive enough to keep it in print.

So long, Nintendo Power! Were it not for you, I would never have known that there was a sequel to The Legend of Zelda.

You still owe me for that one...