Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Ikea Elf challenges your definition of cosplay

When most of us are planning a particular costume or cosplay, we very rarely think of Ikea. It's not that the Swedish retail giant doesn't have much to offer cosplayers (they do have a fabric section), it's just that the worlds of cheap furniture and remarkable cosplay seldom intersect.

The Ikea Elf is looking to change this misconception, and she's doing it in style...

I LÖVA what you've done with your costume! (source)

Fittingly, this cosplay appeared on over the weekend. The girl in the costume was attending Castlefest, a high fantasy, quasi-pagan festival in the Netherlands that is a combination of Burning Man, Bonaroo, and an SCA event. It's a culture hodgepodge of fantasy elements and music that saw elves mingling alongside zombies and steampunks with live music and 25,000 attendees.

What set The Ikea Elf costume in motion was a simple trip to ikea. The cosplayer - like most 20-somethings - was a frequent customer of the store and fell in love with the simple leaf-pattern of the LÖVA Bed Canopy. But sadly - and again, like most 20-somethings - she had nowhere in her apartment for it.

When the time for Castlefest and cosplay rolled around, she quickly sprang into action, glued some elf ears to her head, and came up with a thematic and innovative cosplay based around the LÖVA that landed her a quick pan-over piece in the national news:

I've covered all sorts of cosplays on this site from equine to inspired and everything in between, but this girl winds massive points for ingenuity and the overall theme of her costume. Sure, it's technically more costume than cosplay, but given the pronounced 'anything goes' atmosphere of Castlefest it worked perfectly for the event...

Man, I really need to get out to the Netherlands sometime soon.