Thursday, August 2, 2012

World of Goo creator's Little Inferno looks adorable, troubling

A teaser trailer for the upcoming game Little Inferno hit the web this week, and you should probably be excited by it. Why? Because it's the next project from indie game impressario Kyle Gabler, co-creator of the phenomenally successful World of Goo.

For those (somehow) unfamiliar with the title, World of Goo is a great game that features challenging physics puzzles, a Tim Burton-ian sense of whimsy, and a fantastic (and free!) soundtrack.

In 2010, Gabler joined forces with with Henry Hatsworth co-creator Kyle Gray and Allan Blomquist (who created the imbNES emulator) to form The Tomorrow Corporation. Shortly after formation, the three indie wunderkinds set to work on developing Little Inferno...

Based on what the teaser trailer for Little Inferno has to offer, the aesthetic of World of Goo is faithfully carried over to a new game about children immolating their beloved toys to survive in a world blanketed under a perpetual snowstorm.

The twisted screaming of the toys at the 1:30 mark indicates that Little Inferno will likely be a touch darker than World of Goo; and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. So long as the anti-consumerist message doesn't overpower the gameplay, Little Inferno looks like it will be...

...a surefire hit?

For those interested, Little Inferno should be out before Christmas for the PC, Mac, and Wii U (via eShop). If the World of Goo distribution model is any indication of where this game will go, you can expect Little Inferno on iOS, Android, and your toaster oven by mid-2013.

With any luck, I'll be able to get the damn jingle from this trailer out of my head by then.