Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrate autumn in style with a D20 made of pecan pie

My years in college turned me onto a great many things (coffee, procrastination, and philandering), but there are two things I developed a taste for during my undergraduate years that I have never outgrown: pecan pie and tabletop gaming.

I wish I could say that I was more upset with myself for liking Dungeons and Dragons than pecan pie, but the former has delivered hours - if not combined days and weeks - of fantasy escapism with friends whearas the latter has only contributed to the erosion of my dental health.

While I've since branched out from traditional D&D into more modern RPGs, I can never quite bring myself to resist the alluring scent of pecan pie.

I was surprised and terrified, then, to read that some mad genius has found a way to combine gaming and pecan pie into one the most enduring and inspiring Instructables on the internet: the modular pie-cosahedron.

The most specialized cake/pie pan in any geek's kitchen

Forged way back in the halcyon age of 2008, the pie-cosahedron is exactly what it looks like: a way to shape 20 triangular pecan pies into the same geometric shape that has determined the fate of PC and NPC alike for nigh on 40 years: the classic D20.  While deceptively simple in its design, the pie-cosahedron requires a cache of super-strong magnets to hold the dome together and, of course, enough people to eat 20 pecan pies.

If your family should make the mistake of asking you to handle dessert this Thanksgiving, shell out for this instructable, grab some steel-cutting power shears, and make your engineering roll... the pie-cosahedron calls.