Friday, September 14, 2012

Give everyday life the manga treatment with Manga-Camera

My dog's morning, pre-breakfast ritual is over 9,000 times more epic thanks to Manga- Camera

With the advent of Instagram, smartphone users the world over have become hooked on basic photo-manipulation software. For many, this casual obsession has been taken to the extreme and a candid shot with a phone's 5-megapixel camera will no longer suffice unless it has vintage filters applied to it. And so, sepia tone has become the new natural light.

Manga-Camera is looking to change all of that, or at least provide some variety to altered photos snapped with an iPhone. The free app applies one of 32 manga-esque backgrounds to a given picture and puts a bit of a rough filter over the subject to give it a printed, graphic novel feel. Unfortunately, it can't retrofit the filter to pre-existing pictures... but it does a good job of adding the filter quickly to new photos.

The amazing Megurine Luka figurine that graces my desk gets the Manga-Camera treatment

While gimmicky to the extreme, it's hard not to like Manga-Camera (unless you own an Android handset). It's free, fun, and takes up a svelte 14.7 MB on your phone. Better yet, it can also help you build up a library of comic book images to launch your own take on A-ha's classic Take on Me video...

In a day or twoooooooooooo...

Via: Mobitog