Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let this Final Fantasy XI scale model brighten up your Thursday

Ask any veteran Final Fantasy XI player what their favorite area in the game is, and you'll almost certainly hear Blueblade Fell mentioned.

The amazing, if maudlin, view from the cliffside is a traditional place for players to log off from when they quit the game as the background music coupled with the view itself create a singularly memorable location.

From Blueblade Fell, the player is able to get their only in-game glimpse of the ill-fated Marquisette of Tavnazia*. The ruined city factors heavily into the overall lore of the game and yet despite being able to visit underground portions of it, players are never able to wander about the ruined city proper or venture up to the cathedral on the iconic stone arch above it.

Dedicated Final Fantasy XI player and amateur model(er) Warpy used the view of Tavnazia from Blueblade Fell as the inspiration for his next Final Fantasy XI scale model. The building process - from concept to end result - is captured in the video below.

Because players cannot physically visit the city of Tavnazia in-game, the model is not as intricate as his earlier models of Bastok Markets, Windurst Walls, or San d'Oria's Victory Square. Warpy acknowledge this openly, and chose Tavnazia specifically so he could work on his landscape work instead of his usual, nuanced scale city building.

With many cities in FFXI waiting to receive the model treatment (Kazham, Jeuno, and Aht Urghan Whitegate to name just a few), here's to hoping that Warpy returns to his scale city building soon so that he can add a few more impressive models to the collection below

*= that isn't from the game's opening movie.