Friday, September 28, 2012

Pick one to date and the other to "admire"

It's no secret that what a man wants and what he truly desires are often two entirely different things. Anyone who has been on a diet knows well this pain of compromise as they gaze longingly at a dessert menu, locked in an internal battle over what they want to have and what they really should have.

For many, this discrepancy of desires extends beyond food and into the realm of relationships as well.  Both men and women have an ideal 'type' of person that they feel inherently drawn to based on physical or personality traits, but rarely - if ever - do they date someone who would exactly matches their expressed ideal.  Instead, they will choose to date a relatively safer prospect that doesn't quite map out to their ideal type while continuing to admire (read: lust after) their ideal from afar.

A Japanese decided to explore the profound question of what men really want when it comes to women and proved examples which he illustrated himself.  After adding a few descriptors to the pictures, he asked the internet to decide which girl they would rather date and which they would rather "admire": the Girl on the Left (long hair, jeans) or the Girl on the Right (shorter hair, shorts).

Descriptions of the two girls follow, and both shed a dazzling amount of light on what Japanese men consider positive characteristics in potential romantic prospects:

Girl on the left
  • Self confident and has an dazzling smile
  • Healthy
  • Popular and refreshingly candid
  • Does anything with smile at the face
  • Good sense of style and a very pretty face
  • ~5'5"
  • Exercises, is in good physical shape
  • Strong and gentle

Girl on the Right
  • "Pampered" or "spoiled girl"
  • Sometimes selfish
  • Her emotions are shown easily
  • Slender and "soft" physique
  • Shy and doesn't like to feel alone
  • More cute than beautiful
  • Not too popular
  • ~4'11"
  • physically weak

The dichotomy in question is kicking off a national (and international!) debate as the picture make their rounds across the Twitterverse.  Predictably, forum battle lines are being drawn around those loyal to "Hidari no Ko" (the Girl on the Left) and those who champion "Migi no Ko" (the Girl on the Right).  

Unsurprisingly, popular opinion in Japan is leaning towards the Girl on the Right, with many men citing the Girl on the Left's height, popularity, and outspoken nature as potential turn-offs.  Despite being less physically appealing, the Girl on the Right is a bit of a safer bet in terms of relationships - or so the Japanese perception goes.

As the Girl on the Right/Girl on the Left picture continues to spread across the internet, the debate and discussion over which archetype would make for a better girlfriend and which would make for a better object of desire will no doubt continue.

As for myself, I'm abstaining until the inevitable spin-off manga/anime is released before I draw any conclusions...

...well, nevermind.  It looks like I won't have to wait all that long!