Thursday, September 20, 2012

Portal 2 now exists as... a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Well, 45 seconds of it do at any rate.  

Above is a clip of the famous "You Monster" scene from Portal 2, in which the silent protagonista Chell and the cowardly Wheatley inadvertently wake up the slumbering, sadistic GLaDOS and are treated to the more aggressive side of her passive-aggressive personality. 

Animator Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff took the iconic scene and transformed it into a bit of cute animation in the style of Don Bluth (Dragon's Lair), casting Wheatley and GLaDOS in human form for good measure.  The end result - which many fans of the game would consider blasphemy - captures the emotions of the robots perfectly, and make me kinda wish that Valve would give Gordon-Ratzlaff the rights to make this project a reality.  

Unfortunately, that probably won't happen and like most video spoofs it's probably best that this is enjoyed in small doses.  
Still, the animation style works a little too well for this scene and the producers wouldn't have to waste money on Chell's voice actor...

Here's to hoping Valve sees this video, and the royalties it could reap from it. 

Of course, Valve being Valve, they're probably too busy playing with the incredible, working Turret that Weta Workshop sent over to their headquarters this week, and I don't think anyone would fault them for that:

I so know what I'm asking Santa for this year!