Monday, September 3, 2012

The Final Fantasy XIV limit break trailer is online, incredible

Square Enix has been pretty patient with
Final Fantasy XIV. After nearly scuttling the company's profits and killing the Final Fantasy franchise as we know it, the game received a myriad of new updates, a new director, and incredible add-on content that highlighted its improved graphic prowess.

Last month, Square Enix released a new trailer and new concept art for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the reboot of the game that promises to turn it into the high-quality successor to Final Fantasy XI that it was designed to be. As fans watched the new trailer, they began to get excited for FFXIV just as they had back in the summer of 2010.

Not content with the already high fan expectations, Square Enix has released yet another new trailer for FFXIV this time highlighting the upcoming Limit Break quest. While I'm not a big fan of ponderous, stomping dragons lurking in dungeons as boss fights, it harkens back to the rank 2-3 mission from FFXI in all the right, nostalgic ways.

Crank this video up to a bandwith-annihilating 1080p, full screen it, and clear your schedule for 2013. You'll want to be busy with this game for the next couple of months...

Although I was never a fan of Monk as a class in Final Fantasy games, I particularly like the ~2:00 minute mark of the video above when the Monk kicks the dragon in the kneecap. There's something altogether and wonderfully human about the action.

While others might swing swords or shoot arrows, the Monk charges forward in impotent rage and gleefully smashes its face, feet, and fists into the most forbidden and foreboding of monsters. That's the sort of character motivation that I can really get behind!