Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This 3DS stylus is a touch pen and... a face massager?

Nintendo has also been smart about packaging styluses along with their touchscreen handhelds. Both the DS Lite and 3DS featured an onboard stylus that would slide into a small hole in the case and while it was a bit thin and not altogether impressive as styluses go, it was a stylus and it worked.

But outside of fitting between your fingers and tapping on the screen, the native stylus on the DS didn't really do anything, and many gamers were left wondering if there was a fancier stylus they could order. One that might, perhaps, even reverse the visual signs of aging on the face.

Hearing the call of these three gamers, the proud people of Japan have risen to the challenge and created.... the Germa Roller

A combination 3DS stylus and home beauty aid, the Germa Roller cashes in on the holistic belief that Germanium is somehow beneficial to the skin. This belief is by no means new (just look up Germanium face rollers to see), but its integration into a video game peripheral is a bit baffling.

The Germa Roller encourages gamers to massage their face with the back end of the stylus between play sessions to receive the full purported beauty benefits of Germanium. As it turns out, the people of Japan are pretty committed to this whole 'face roller' thing...

Although it's unlikely to ship outside of Japan, you can order your own Germa Roller (in pink, silver, or manly black!) for $19.00 from JTT. By contrast, if you don't really put stock in the whole Germanium beauty craze and just want a cool looking stylus, you can buy a Transformers stylus 2-pack from for $1.84

It's unlikely that the Transformers stylus will do anything to reverse the visible signs of aging on your face, but you'll look slightly less silly massaging your face with it in public.