Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vocaloid papercraft templates give you a reason to upgrade your printer

Not too long ago, I happened across the epic grandeur of Final Fantasy Papercrafts, a collection of free 3D templates that anyone could print and assemble to create budget models of in-game visuals.

The great thing about papercraft projects like the Final Fantasy series is that they don't require a special studio to complete: with the appropriate template, determination, and a little arts and craft time, you can create an amazing piece of art like your own chocobo the Hatsune Miku model above.

Many who dabble in papercraft, however, find that the determination is the most difficult part of the process. Even the most deceptively simple projects require a serious investment of time, and most hobbyists never make it past the dilettante stage of papercrafting. Those that do wind up spending $5,000 on a new printer, create their own tutorial blog, and then vanish from the internet entirely.

Thankfully, there are simpler project for amateur papercrafters to try, like these Vocaloid chibis by Deviant Artist Desubunny...

While nowhere near as intricate as the Miku papercraft at the top of this post, Desubunny's free templates can be created using most any commercially available printer and her easy to follow instructions.

If you're looking to spice up your workspace, or want to show your toner cartridge what for, you can print out the full army of Vocaloids above and assemble them in a single evening once you learn to cut on the dotted lines.

It's times like this that I was more graduate-level classes accepted dioramas as final projects.