Friday, September 7, 2012

Watch the entire Harry Potter film series in 13 minutes

If you're a Harry Potter fan, no doubt this past year - the first year without Harry Potter - has been a hard one. Sure, you've had distractions like the public launch of Pottermore and the ever-popular wizard rock to hold you over, but the lack of new (official) installment to the canon has likely hurt some.

In times like these, you have but two options: to move forward (and spend the rest of your days on Pottermore), or to live in the past. Re-reading the books is always an option, as is re-watching the seven eight movies but both of those require a serious investment of time and resources... especially if you shell out for the 31-disc Wizard's Collection Blu Ray/DVD combo pack ($345.00 at time of writing)

Thankfully, there's another, abridged option. A dedicated Harry Potter fan and avid editor managed to condense all eight films into a 13-minute long spoilerific-trailer that he posted on YouTube.

Watching the full thing will probably make you more nostalgic for the films than anything else, but if you don't own all eight and don't fancy dropping $350 on the collector's edition, it's a decent waste of a cigarette break on an idle Friday:

Now, to launch a Kickstarter to drum up money for that Wizards Collection...